Enchant Designs

Enchant Designs

Clear understanding is the key to a successful outcome.  

​2) Renderings and/or samples.

This is the adjustment phase, we can make changes, elaborate , make it perfect! Once done we approve the design.

There are only few requirements to achieve this understanding. For You to express as clearly as possible what you are thinking of and make sure I get it. For me to listen and create a design that reflects your ideas. I will do my best, give all my creativity and energy to fulfill your expectations.                                                                          Here is typically how it goes :

4) Review.

  This is a good time to look for any details I might have missed or overlooked. It is also when you pay the balance for the project.

But don't worry if you don't see right away something bothering you, I will come back and fix it ! With reasonable delays of course. I cherish my clientele and take pride in leaving my clients 200% happy. You can rely on my professionalism.

And then.....


1) Initial meeting

-What are you looking for?

You might have a pretty clear idea,

magazines clips, pictures etc... or more of a vague one and I'll suggest possibilities. We'll work closely. We might need another meeting, but we'll make sure I understand and can put your vision to life. I'll estimate the total cost for time and materials. Then if you decide to go on I require a down paiement before working on renderings.

3) Time for me to paint.

You can see how it unfolds and the day by day progress if you wish...Very exciting.